It started with a story.

Nearly 50 years after the Hmong’s first arrival to the United States, the Hmong American community has become more connected than ever. Hmong American Experience was an idea born from a community. 

It started with curiosity, sprouted from the yearning to connect with our culture, understand our roots, and empower the Hmong generation. We are a team of students, professionals, mothers, and fathers working together to weave the elements of Hmong culture, that is changing, shifting, and leading a new way that we connect with our Hmong brothers and sisters.

At Hmong American Experience, we work closely to share the stories that shape our communities, tackling necessary conversations, and giving light to new perspectives. 

When you donate, you donate to preserve the crucial conversations surrounding our growing community. Your contribution significantly allows us to hold space for the amazing stories that bring color into our communities, and the stories yet to come.