5: PharmD

Left to right: Christopher Vang, Xia Thao, Carrie Vue, Lina Vang, Choua Vang, Mai Lee Yang, and Wilson Ly. All completed Doctor of Pharmacy from California Health Sciences University 2019
David ChangUniversity of the PacificPharmD2017
Sithichok ChangConcordia UniversityPharmD 2019
Tou ChangCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD 2017
Buddy Xou Fang PharmD  
Kangla Fang PharmD  
Bee Her PharmD  
Dao HerSouth College PharmD 2018
Downey HerWestern University HealthPharmD 2019
Gaoshoua Her PharmD 
Fong HerSullivan UniversityPharmD2019
Ka Zoua HerMassachuetts College of PharmacyPharmD2017
Susan HerUniversity of the PacificPharmD2019
Tou Vue Her PharmD 
Amy HeuCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2018
Pa Heu (MD) PharmD 
NkaoHmong KongMidwestern UniversityPharmD2019
Pao R. Kue PharmD 
Blong Lee PharmD 
Chue Lee-Black Wingate UniversityPharmD 2007
Dianna Choua Lee PharmD 
Geng LeeUW MadisonPharm D
KaoShoua LeeBelmont UniversityPharmD2018
Nou LeeUC San FranciscoPharmD2018
Robert LeeUW MadisonPharm D
Tar LeeSouth UniversityPharm D2017
Trish Der LeeCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2019
Cheng Seng LoUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD1998
MayXia LoUniversity of North CarolinaPharmD2002
Cheng Lor PharmD 
Duabge LorUniversity of the PacificPharmD2019
Hlee LorUniversity of ColoradoPharm
Kajua B. LorUW MadisonPharmD2009
Kenny LorUniversity of the PacificPharmD2019
Kia LorTouro UniversityPharmD2017
Mai Pa Lor PharmD 
Nao Shua Lor PharmD 
Paia Chonguvater LorCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2018
See Lor PharmD 
Tou Lor PharmD 
Visai LorUniversity of Sciences PhiladelphiaPharmD2006
Xi Lor PharmD 
Wilson LyCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Beverly MouaUW MadisonPharmD2017
Dao Moua PharmD 
Hue MouaUniversity of the PacificPharmD2016
Ma Dee MouaMercedPharmD 
Nancy MouaUniversity of New EnglandPharmD2017
Noella Moua-VangUniversity of MichiganPharmD2004
PaChai MouaCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2018
Pang Moua PharmD 
Pheng Peter Moua PharmD 
Sakura MouaTouro UniversityPharmD2013
Thong Moua PharmD 
Tou Geu Moua PharmD 
Xurachy MouaCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2017
Paula Y. Mouanoutoua PharmD 
Jenny MouaOregan State UniversityPharmD 
Choua Thao (MBA)Concordia UniversityPharmD2019
Ger Sunnie Thao PharmD 
John Thao University of the PacificPharmD2002
Ka Thao PharmD 
Lee ThaoUniversity of the PacificPharmD2003
Liliane Pader ThaoUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2015
Phoua Xiong Thao PharmD 
Sher Thao PharmD 
Tou Bee Thao University of the PacificPharmD 
Vang Sho Thao PharmD 
Xia ThaoCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Blia Thao VangUniversity of WisconsinPharmD2001
Celina Vang VueUniversity of MichiganPharmD2004
Chao Chang VangRoseman UniversityPharmD 
Chai VangCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Chai Neng Vang PharmD 
Chixia VangUniversity of Montana PharmD2019
Choua VangCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Christopher VangConcordia UniversityPharmD2018
Christopher VangCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Dannia Lor Vang PharmD 
Elizabeth K. VangHarding UniversityPharmD2017
Hnia Kou VangConcordia UniversityPharmD2018
Jeffrey Vang PharmD 
Jenny Vang Roseman UniversityPharmD2019
Jer VangCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2016
Joe VangUniversity of Minnesota PharmD2019
Kong P. Vang PharmD 
Koob VangUniversity of the PacificPharmD2004
Lina VangCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
MaiKer VangCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2019
Maily VangCalifornia Northstate UniversityPharmD2019
Malini VangManchester UniversityPharmD2019
Michael Vang PharmD 
Mixee Vang PharmD 
Pakou VangUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2012
Pakou VangConcordia UniversityPharmD2017
Phoua VangTouro UniversityPharmD2016
Seng VangUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2013
Song VangUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPharmD 
Sui Bliaxai Vang PharmD 
Teng Vang PharmD 
Ter Vang PharmD 
Tou Chao VangUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2011
Yang Lee VangUniversity of the PacificPharmD2004
Youa Vang(Milwaukee)PharmD 
Becky VuePresbyterian CollegePharmD2017
Carrie VueCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Chee Vue (Clovis)PharmD 
Crystal VueUW MadisonPharmD2018
Mai Ong VueUniversity of the PacificPharmD2019
Meng VueUniversity of the PacificPharmD2019
Payeng VueUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2014
Victor VueRosalind Franklin UniversityPharmD2018
Fong XiongUniversity of New EnglandPharmD2018
Lee Shoua Xiong  PharmD 
Lia XiongSouth College PharmD2018
Linda XiongWingate UniversityPharmD2019
Nancy Xiong Creighton UniversityPharmD 
Nancy Xiong Wingate UniversityPharmD2019
Ntxheng-Yeng Thao XiongUW MadisonPharmD2009
Pachia Ashley XiongUC San DiegoPharmD2019
Pavoua XiongShenandoah UniversityPharmD2014
Phoua XiongUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2012
Robert XiongUniversity of the PacificPharmD2016
See Xiong PharmD 
Sher Xiong PharmD 
Shoua XiongConcordia UniversityPharmD2017
Suriya XiongUW MadisonPharmD2019
Txia XiongUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2019
Xai XiongUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2017
Yang XiongUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD2011
Youa Xiong-Lee PharmD 
Zong Xiong PharmD 
April Herr YangPacific UniversityPharmD2017
Cha YangMassachuetts College of PharmacyPharmD2007
Chao Yang PharmD 
Chue Yeng Yang University of Missouri-Kansas CityPharmD2007
Daeu YangUniversity of the PacificPharmD2001
Isaac C. YangCampbell UniversityPharmD2017
Jenny Vang YangPresbyterian CollegePharmD2018
Johnny YangCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
KaoChong YangUW MadisonPharmD2018
Kong Yang PharmD 
Kazong YangRoseman UniversityPharmD2012
Long Yang PharmD 
Mai Tong Yang PharmD 
Maily YangCalifornia Health SciencesPharmD2019
Mary Lor YangWingate UniversityPharmD2017
May Yang PharmD 
Nhia Michael Yang PharmD 
Nkauk Huab YangWashington State UniversityPharmD 
Pang Xiong YangUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityPharmD 
Phoua YangUW MadisonPharmD2019
Sendra YangWingate UniversityPharmD2014
Sheng Yang PharmD 
Shoua Yang PharmD 
Thai Yang PharmD 
Tou YangMidwestern UniversityPharmD2013
Tou T. YangUniversity of MinnesotaPharmD1990
Wanyu YangCampbell UniversityPharmD2018
Xengxue YangUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityPharmD 
Xue Vue Yang UC San FranciscoPharmD2014
Yong Yang PharmD 
Zoua YangUW MadisonPharmD2009

This updated list was compiled from several versions of the old Hmong Doctorates list, education websites, and social media. There are some missing or incomplete information and possible errors if you know you please contact us. Thank you. Email: svang78@gmail.com