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Meet Sachoua Vang

CEO of Ninja Sushi

Entrepreneur and Business Owner at 25 years old

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”-Henry Ford

Sachoua Vang was born in Fresno, Ca but raised in St. Paul, MN. He is the middle child out of 7. Sachoua graduated from Johnson High School, class of 2010. Right out of high school, he attended a community college for Auto Mechanics then transferred to a non-profit and graduated from there. Afterwards, he decided to go back to trade school for Health and Fitness, graduating with his NASM Certified Personal Trainer, aspiring to open his own fitness center. In the fall of 2015, he took Entrepreneur class at the Neighborhood Development Center to help build his foundation.

During his internship at a restaurant, Sachoua fell in love with the culture of sushi. “Being able to serve your customers right in front of you creates more of an intimate atmosphere to get to know your customers.” It took Sachoua about a year to plan his next steps to becoming the owner of Ninja Sushi, a food and beverage company. Sachoua Vang and Ninja Sushi is a 2018 Finalist for the Neighborhood Development Center’s Entrepreneur Awards.

How did you come up with the idea of opening a food truck?

“Initially, my goal was to open a restaurant. The biggest obstacle was obtaining seed money to launch the business. Forking up over $250k (and that’s an understatement) was unrealistic. After revaluation, I downsized the business plan to do the minimum to start my own food truck.”

What advice would you give to inspiring entrepreneurs and small business owner?

“Persevere, keep focused, ask questions, make goals, and always be better than yesterday. Get involved in the community no matter what it is. Get recognized; be known, so when you do start your business, you’ll already have somewhat of a support system. The only regret is not starting sooner.”

In the future, Sachoua would like to open “Brick and Mortar” (2019-2020), another food and beverage company that expresses a similar style to a Chipotle but offers more ingredients, an expanded menu, and offers a full service alcohol bar and karaoke.

Aside from his thriving business, Sachoua is also well known for his talent, dancing. Motion Crew has been around since Sachoua’s middle school years. They have competed in many competitions and won various awards including these few:

Hmong New Years (River Center) 2nd place 07-08

Hmong New Years (River Center) 1st Place 08-09, 09-10

Hmong New Years (River Center) 1st place 12-13


To get in touch with Sachoua or to learn more about Ninja Sushi:



Phone Number: (651) 600-0661


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