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Macy Moua is the Founder of The Love Movement, a non-profit organization established to preserve the Hmong cultural heritage and encourage/support current and future generations.


Macy resides in Winder, GA, where she graciously puts her efforts into her Hmong community, including surrounding communities in the southeast. She has established a legacy through her passion for her Hmong community as an Activist and was recently elected as the first Hmong woman on the board of Advisors within the Hmong Georgia 18 Clan Organization. She plans to effectively change the future outlook for the Hmong southeast communities while continuing her support for Hmong communities, nationwide, through her non-profit organization.


When she puts her cape away you can find her working in corporate America as a Corporate Recruiter, serving in her church as the Hospitality Coordinator, and running alongside her son at his soccer games. She definitely has an entrepreneurial mindset and rumor has it, she’s had the pleasure of working alongside countless celebrities, straight from ATL, before she sold her business (Prestige Talent Agency) in 2012. There’s so much more to know about MACY MOUA! Be sure to follow her journey and upcoming success stories by liking The Love Movement’s Like Page on FB!


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