3: MD/DO

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Doctor of Medicine

Cher ChangRoss University Family Medicine2019
Tha ChaRoss University Geriatric 2000
Alexander Yeng HangWayne State University 2018
Pla Xoua Xiong-HangWayne State University  
Bonnie HerDrexel University Family Medicine2010
Brenda Sua HerUniversity of Minnesota 2018
Doua HerSpartan Health SciencesInternal Medicine2000
Linda HerUniversity of the Americas 2019
Yeng Her (Ph.D/MD)Mayo Clinic 2017
May Kou HeuRoss UniversityFamily Medicine 
May Yeu HeuRoss University 2001
Pa HeuRoss UniversityFamily Medicine 
Vang Kou Khang (MD/MBA)UCLA 2017
Lue LaoUC San Diego 2018
Bruce LeeUW MadisonOB/GYN2019
Cha LeeSt George University 1999
Chao LeeUniversity of Health Sciences, Laos 1986
Fenglaly LeeUC DavisOB/GYN2003
Mayseng LeeUniversity of MinnesotaAnesthesiology2006
Foung LoUniversity of MinnesotaFamily Medicine1996
Moua C. LoUniversity of Minnesota 2003
Yang Koua LoUniversity of Minnesota 1995
Yee LoUC Davis 2019
Chee LorUW Madison 2018
Toua Shoua Johnny LorAmerican University Carribean 2012
Tria LorUniversity of Minnesota 2010
Champa LyfoungUniversity of Health Sciences, Laos 1988
Touxa LyfoungUniversity of Bordeaus  
Anong MouaRoss University 2003
Jacques TxujCi MouaEast Carolina University 2009
John MouaUC DavisPediatrics2006
Kao Feng MouaUniversity of Minnesota 2017
Lee Pao MouaUniversity of Health Sciences, Laos 1987
Mai See MouaUniversity of Minnesota 2008
Michael MouaSaba University Carribean 2010
Panhia MouaGeorgetown UniversityAnesthesiology2004
Teng MouaUniversity of MinnesotaInternal Medicine2005
Steve MouacheupaoUniversity of MinnesotaFamily Medicine2001
Mouatoua Mouanoutoua Ross UniversityCardiologist1998
Pao Saykao Monash University, AustraliaMedicine & Surgery1980
David ThaoUniversity of MinnesotaPlastic Surgery1998
Kevin K. ThaoUW Madison Family Medicine 
Leng Xiasoua Thao (MD/DC)Western University Health SciencesFamily Medicine2005
Long ThaoSouthern Illinois University 1998
Michael ThaoUniversity of MinnesotaPsychiatry2005
Shoua Theresa Thao (Kalugdan)De le Salle University Family Medicine2001
Xoua ThaoBrown University 1989
Bee Her Vang (MD/Pharmacy)   
Cha VangRoss UniversityInternal Medicine2001
Charles Lauj Pov VangUniversity of MinnesotaFamily Medicine2014
Chee VangUniversity of Minnesota 2012
Chor Vang UC Davis 2009
Daniel Vang   
Ger VangUniversity of Health Sciences, Laos 1986
Kabao VangUniversity of Minnesota 2019
Mai Vanna VangUC Davis 2017
Neng VangUniversity of Health Sciences, Laos 1990
Nhia VangUC Davis 2003
Paj Ntaub VangUniversity of Wisconsin2017
Pao VangUniversity of Minnesota  Otolaryngology 2000
Sa VangUC Davis 2005
Shary VangUniversity of MinnesotaInternal Medicine2007
Sher VangRoss University 2012
Touber VangWayne State University 1999
Tou C. VangRoss UniversityPediatrics2000
Tou Sue VangUniversity of Minnesota 2009
Nujsaubnusi Vue University of MinnesotaOB/GYN2019
Tou Vue
Yia VueUniversity of Health Sciences, Laos 1986
Chue XiongRoss UniversityFamily Medicine2015
Dao XiongRosalind Franklin University 2009
Kaying Xiong   
Lesley XiongGeorgetown University 2009
Lucky XiongFamily Medicine
MaiKong XiongUniversity of Minnesota 2004
Ncha XiongUniversity of Minnesota 2009
Pla Xoua Xiong-HangWayne State UniversityOB/GYN 
Phua XiongUniversity of MinnesotaFamily Medicine1996
Toua XiongRoss UniversityFamily Medicine2014
Xa Xiong (DC)Spartan Health SciencesFamily Medicine2000
Yee XiongSt. George University Psychiatry  2016
Yer Moua XiongUniversity of MinnesotaFamily Medicine2005
Bobby K. Yang St George UniversityInternal Medicine1996
Chou YangStanford University Anesthesiology 2003
Hugh YangWestern University Health Sciences 2006
Kou Kevin Yang   
Molly YangUniversity of MinnesotaInternal Medicine2010
My YangUW Madison 2013
PaFoua YangUW MadisonOB/GYN 
PaKou Yang UW Madisonawarded posthumously2014
Peter YangRoss University 2001
Peter Thai YangRoss University 1996
Taying YangMichigan State University 2006
Tou C. YangUniversity of Minnesota 2009
Yeng M. YangUniversity of MinnesotaInternal Medicine2006

Doctor of Osteopathic (DO)

Chuah ChaA.T. Still University2018
Yer Chang   
Sou HerTouro University2008
Ia Kue YangMichigan State UniversityFamily Medicine2003
Boon Chan Lor Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine General Surgery2019
Maisee K. Lor YangOklahoma State University Family Medicine2015
Hanson MouanoutouaA.T. Still UniversityInternal Medicine2019
Cha C. ThaoDes Moines University 1993
Leng Henry ThaoWestern University Health Sciences2007
Linda Her ThaoDes Moines University2008
Chameng VangKansas City University Family Medicine2013
Chor VangUC Davis  
Samantha Vang-ChengOhio UniversityFamily Medicine2013
Steven VangAT Still UniversityVascular and General Surgery2015
Bao VueAT Still UniversityOB/GYN2013
Lasley XiongLake Erie College of Osteopathic2009
Lucky VangTouro UniversityGeneral Surgey2015
Shane XiongEdward Via College2018
Chim YingCampbell University2019

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This updated list was compiled from several versions of the old Hmong Doctorates list, education websites, and social media. There are some missing or incomplete information and possible errors if you know you please contact us. Thank you. Email: svang78@gmail.com