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Ph.D | Ed.D. | M.D./D.O. | DDS/DC/DPT/DNP | PharmD | JD |

Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Mai Soua Lee-ChaFresno State UniversityEducational Leadership2017
Chou Scoobtsheej ChangUniversity of St. ThomasEducational Leadership2004
Mai Yia ChangHamline UniversityEducational Leadership2010
Christina HangBethel UniversityEducation Administration2011
Kathy HerUCLAEducational Leadership2018
Tchay HerFresno State UniversityEducational Leadership2019
Bo Vang LeeUniversity of San FranciscoEducational Leadership2002
Kirk T. LeePortland State UniversityEducational Leadership2016
Pao LeeUniversity of San FranciscoEducational Leadership1999
Shur LeeFresno State UniversityEducational Leadership2018
Soua LeeStanislaus State UniversityEducational Leadership2018
Xue Wang LeeUniversity of the PacificEducational Leadership2009
Chi LoCreighton UniversityEducational Leadership2018
Pao LoPepperdine UniversityEducational Leadership2015
May Thao MouaUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership2007
Lena MouaStanislaus State UniversityEducational Leadership2011
Neal ThaoUniversity of MinnesotaEducational Leadership2009
Toulu ThaoUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership 
Ka Va (Vang)University of San FranciscoEducational Leadership1998
Anthony VangUniversity of San FranciscoEducational Leadership1992
Christopher T. VangUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership2001
Danny Chao VangSacramento State UniversityEducational Leadership2016
Ka VangUniversity of St. ThomasEducation, Policy & Administration2017
Kay VangStanislaus State UniversityEducational Leadership2011
Kong Meng VangFresno State UniversityEducational Leadership2011
Linda VangUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership2009
Lue Vang Educational Leadership 
Maiyoua VangUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership2008
Mong VangUniversity of the PacificEducational Leadership2020
Jonas VangayUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership1996
Tachua VueUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership2011
Pa VueUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership2007
Chai W. XiongUniversity of San FranciscoEducational Leadership2010
Cheuyengther XiongUniversity of the PacificEducational Leadership2002
Kaying XiongHamline UniversityEducational Leadership2007
Kha Xiong University of Colorado, DenverEducational Leadership2019
Luangchee XiongStanislaus State UniversityEducational Leadership2018
Pangjua XiongHamline UniversityEducational Leadership2017
Vicky Xiong-LorFresno State UniversityEducational Leadership2015
Xong XiongUniversity of Minnesota-DuluthEducational Leadership2018
Cziasarth Neng YangUniversity of St. ThomasEducational Leadership2002
Kou YangUC Davis/Fresno StateEducational Leadership1995
Mai Yang LeeUniversity of San FranciscoEducational Leadership2012
Philip Pao YangEdgewood CollegeEducational Leadership2008
Seng-Dao Yang KeoHarvard UniversityEducational Leadership2016
Terry YangUniversity of San FranciscoEducational Leadership2004

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

Chai Charles MouaAlliant UniversityPsyD, Orgnaizational Development2008
Tony Tub Tooj MouaAlliant UniversityPsyD2007
Kongming MouanoutouaAlliant UniversityPsyD2004
Choua MouavangsouAlliant UniversityPsyD2008
Debbie Dao ThaoAlliant – CSPPPsyD2004
Alyssa Kaying VangAlliant – CSPPPsyD2000
Chance XiongAlliant UniversityPsyD 
Ghia S. XiongAlliant UniversityPsyD2010
Nonish XiongAlliant UniversityPsyD2011

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Steven X. Her Ministry 
Chang Nhia Kue Ministry 
Chou Mouanoutoua Moua Ministry 
Daniel D. Moua Ministry 
James Kao Kee Moua Ministry 
Kevin Mouanoutoua Moua Ministry 
Naw Karl Moua Ministry 
Tru Mouanoutoua Moua Ministry 
Lantzia C. Thao Ministry 
Lue Thao Ministry 
Joshua X. Vang Ministry 
Nhia Vang Vang Ministry 
Timonthy T. VangFuller Theological SeminaryMinistry1998
Ger S. Xiong Ministry 
Stephen Thai Xiong Ministry 
Wa Cha Xiong  Ministry 
Daniel Nou Ying YangMinistry
Joseph Gasue YangMinistry
Gee Thao Doctor of Theology 

Ph.D | Ed.D. | M.D./D.O. | DDS/DC/DPT/DNP | PharmD | JD |

This updated list was compiled from several versions of the old Hmong Doctorates list, education websites, and social media. There are some missing or incomplete information and possible errors if you know you please contact us. Thank you. Email: svang78@gmail.com