Doctor of Dental Medicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery

Jerry LeeWestern University Health SciencesDMD2017
Keng LorDMD
Downing MouaBoston UniversityDMD2003
Kao N. Vang University of PennsylvaniaDMD 
Kong Vang Tufts UniversityDMD 2001
Chue Ying ChaUniversity of the PacificDDS2016
James HerrUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2009
Lexi Her-EllisonUCLADDS2009
Mao Her-FloresUniversity of the PacificDDS2000
Poge HerUC San FranciscoDDS 
Shue HerrUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2009
William M. HerrUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2009
MaiSee Moua-McDanielUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2019
David Blong S. LeeMarquette UniversityDDS1999
Kevin LeeWestern University Health SciencesDDS2017
Long SN Lee Marquette UniversityDDS 2002
Xieng K. Lee DDS 
Miana X LeeMarquette UniversityDDS2015
Noukhay Laota (Lee) DDS 
Lee LoUC San FranciscoDDS2017
Pase Lor DDS 
Tsua LorUniversity of North CarolinaDDS2018
Peter Vang LyUniversity of the PacificDDS2000
David C. Thao   
Kou ThaoUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2014
Long ThaoUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2014
Malia ThaoMarquette UniversityDDS2017
Alex Ma ThorCase Western ReserveDDS 
Aroone VangUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2012
Joshua Tom VangUniversity of MinnesotaDDS 
Kham VangDDS
Kou BliaXa VangUniversity of MinnesotaDDS1996
Lao VangUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2016
Su Nhia Ying VangUniversity of Southern CaliforniaDDS 
Judith VueUniversity of DetroitDDS2001
Koua Xiong DDS 
Mai Y. Xiong DDS 
Bee Lay YangUniversity of North CarolinaDDS 
Kassy YangUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2011
Fue YangWestern University Health SciencesDDS2017
Geryoung YangMarquette UniversityDDS1991
Pa Koua YangUniversity of MinnesotaDDS2016
Ma Marcie YangMarquette UniversityDDS2008
 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine  
Peter HerrNew York College PodiatricDPM2004
Shoua Her LoBarry University DPM2005
Chao VangNew York College PodiatricDPM 
Chalotte Chee VangChicago School of PodiatricDPM 
Daniel VangDes Moines UniversityDPM2003
David VangDes Moines UniversityDPM2003
James Nhiakao Vang DPM 
Ki XiongTemple UniversityDPM2011
Pao Kou Marc YangOhio College of Podiatric DPM2000
 Doctor of Optometry  
Ia Ong HerWestern University Health SciencesOD2019
Ma Allen LeeNew England College of OptometryOD2012
Michael LeeWestern University Health SciencesOD2013
Valley MouaWestern University Health SciencesOD2017
Chao Thao OD 
Yer Vang OD 
Ka Zoua Vang OD 
Paula VangSouthern California College of OptometryOD
Ger Vue OD 
Pa Houa Vue OD 
Poj-Liam Hu XiongIllinois College of OptometryOD2013
Se Cecelia XiongIndiana UniversityOD 
 Doctor of Chiropractic  
Tru Chang DC2000
Chong HerLife Chiropractic DC2018
Po Chua Her DC 
Benjamin NhiaBee Herr DC 
Lee A. Heu DC1995
Saul Chue Sao Heu DC 
Choua Lee DC 
Fue Lee DC 
Gao Nou LeePalmerDC2018
Jer Lee DC 
Kou LeePalmerDC2018
Mai True LeeNorthwestern Health SciencesDC2004
Thai Lee DC 
Tou Xang Lee DC 
Kongcheng LoNorthwestern Health SciencesDC2011
Yer Moua-LorUniversity of MinnesotaDC 
Senyi LyNorthwestern Health SciencesDC 2018
Larrix MouaPalmer CollegeDC2018
Lee Moua DC 
Vinai Moua DC 
Pha ThaoPalmer CollegeDC2019
Steve ThaoLife ChiropracticDC2007
Bee Her Vang (MD)University of Southern NevadaDC2002
Blong Bliaxa VangNorthwestern Health SciencesDC2005
David Tou Vang DC 
Houa Vang DC 
Ka Vee Vang DC 
Kou Vang DC 
Yang Vang DC 
Tchuneng Vu DC 
Bella XiongNorthwestern Health SciencesDC2017
Dath XiongLogan College of ChiropracticDC 2012
Gene Xiong Life Chiropractic DC 2018
Kao Xiong DC 
Kham Sing Xiong DC 
Pheng XiongPalmerDC2018
Teng Xiong (Ph.D) DC 
Xa Xiong (MD) DC 
Yeng E. XiongLife ChiropracticDC 2003
Bee YangLife ChiropracticDC1995
Lee X. Yang DC 
Lon Looj Yaj DC 
Ma Yang DC 
Pler Yang Northwestern Health SciencesDC2010
Vong YangLife Chiropractic DC2001
 Doctor of Physical Therapy  
Nkauj Hnub HerWestern University Health SciencesDPT2017
Ying Xiong DPT 
Kalia April YangCollege of St. ScholasticaDPT2017
Kou YangSacramento State UniversityDPT2019
 Doctor of Nursing Practitioner  
Palli LeeUniversity of MinnesotaDNP2018
Ge LoUniversity of WisconsinDNP2017
Kay JalaoDuke UniversityDNP2017
Song KueUniversity of MichiganDNP2019
May Ying LyUC DavisDNP2017
Linda Yang MouaAugsburg University DNP2018
Ying ThaoNorthern California Health ConsortiumDNP2019
Bee YangUniversity of MinnesotaDNP2019
Neng YangUW MilwaukeeDNP2013
Padla YangUniversity of WisconsinDNP2017

This updated list was compiled from several versions of the old Hmong Doctorates list, education websites, and social media. There are some missing or incomplete information and possible errors if you know you please contact us. Thank you. Email: svang78@gmail.com