Body Building with Maycee Vang1 min read

By Xeng Moua (Photo Mai Moua and Maycee Vang in red)

It’s 3 am in the morning, and Maycee is stretching and doing cardio. After about 20 minutes of cardio, she goes into lifting. She clenches her teeth and screams, “YOU CAN DO THIS!” With 245lbs of weights on her shoulder, she breathes, squats down, focuses, and pushes back up. After that first squat, everything falls into place and becomes easier.

She’s under 5ft tall, but great things come in small packages. Maycee also deadlifts and it is her favorite workout at the gym. Maycee is training hard for her first competition coming up on August 4, 2018. She is on a strict diet and watches closely what she consumes. She is also using different types of fasting to help her drop to weight goal of 150lbs by August.

When she’s not bodybuilding and hitting the gym, this passionate graduate student is volunteering, mentoring, singing, and dancing She’s got some incredible people in her life who keep on inspiring her to achieve her dreams such as her father, siblings, students and coaches.

As a mentor, she also inspires others to reach their goals and some great advice she has for aspiring body builders is to not be afraid to lift heavy! “You will be amazed at what your body can do. I know that there is this stigma that if a woman lifts she will be bulk, which is false! If you want curves and you want that hourglass shape, you have to start by lifting!”


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Seng Alex Vang

Seng Alex Vang

Seng Alex Vang is a lecturer in the Merritt Writing Program at the University of California, Merced. He is also a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, Geography & Ethnic studies at California State University, Stanislaus where he teaches courses in Asian American studies.

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